Having served numerous attorneys in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area for more than 30 years, we have been selected by the top AV rated law firms to be their professional legal personnel recruiter.

Specifically, we assist each and every law firm in their search for the highest caliber candidate to fill their job requirements.  There is NO FEE to any of our candidates – FEE PAID by law firm.

Our success rate in placing our candidates since the inception of Secretary at Law has been outstanding.

Our record and our guarantee speak for itself.


We also have in place a Temporary Employment Service to meet the demands of individuals seeking to work on part-time/full-time/long term/short term basis within the legal community.

This individual/candidate must have a minimum of 1 year legal experience and must be qualified in Microsoft Word and WordPerfect. Past records have proven, that you can work as much or as little as the individual desires.

Most importantly, we pay top dollar to each individual for their services. Our pay scale is not to be matched by any.